3096TNNew Releases Portfolio represents my latest work from this past year. It includes nature & landscape images from Colorado as well as some new creations with multiple exposures. Sometimes a new release will be from my archives from years ago. I every so often will go through and look at what I have. What I thought at the time was an image I didn't want to release, when I look at it years later, I can see it in a new way. It might be the cropping wasn't right or I had a vision that was different then what was photographed, but with a fresh set of eyes, I see the image differently now.

3075TNThe Colorado Portfolio contists of nature photos from the past 20 plus years. I've hiked many trails and driven over numerous mountain passes to capture the Colorado landscape. From Rocky Mountain  National Park to the San Juan Mountains, these Colorado nature photographs represent a body of work that exemplifies the Colorado Landscape.

ME21TNThe Abstract Portfolio is a collection of multiple exposure images and camera motion. The way the multiple exposure images are created is I selection several images and sandwich them together, varying the opacity of which image so that the underlying images shine through. By doing so I can create different effects depending on the intensity of each image. Some of the images are then manipulated by reversing the colors. With the camera motion abstracts I can create different effects based upon the direction of the motion and the length of the exposure. Usually the exposure is around 1-2 seconds. Any longer and the image is unregonizible any shorter and it just looks out of focus.

C05TNThe Arizona Portfolio includes nature photographs from a trip in 2005. Antelope Canyon outside Page Arizona was a very surreal experience. The way the light played off the canyon walls made for some very interesting compositions. I also photographed Redrock Crossing just outside of Sedona Arizona.

BWH02TNThe Black & White Portfolio is collection of images from the Colorado landscape as well as close-ups of various subjects. Some of the images were photographed with a 4×5 view camera using black & white film. I would then use Ansel Adams zone system for processing the film and printing a fiber-based silver gelatin print. Nowadays, all my prints are archiable giclée prints.

DA17TNThe Flora Portfolio are photographs mainly close-ups of flowers. I enjoy taking my time composing and creating a fine art photograph of flora. To give you an example; the black & white image "Leaves" took 4 hours to shoot. My exposure was about 4-6 seconds, because of the very small aperture setting which meant that the sligthest breeze and it the photograph would be ruined. Hence it took a lot of patience to wait for the wind to die down long enough to take the photograph.

0677TNThe Mexico Portfolio represents more of a fine art photography style. They are abstracts photographs from a building in Cabo San Lucas in 2007.

0490TNThe New England Portfolio is a collection of nature & landscape photographs from a trip in 2007. The New England nature images include the White Mountains of New Hampshire, The Bershires of Massachusetts and other areas around the state.

0727TNThe New Mexico Portfolio includes a few photographs from downtown Albuquerque.

P3313TNThe Panoramic Portfolio is an assortment of Colorado, New England & Utah nature and landscape photographs. Included in this portfolio are aspen groves and scenic vistas along with a few fine art abstract photographs. I enjoy photographing with these proportions in mind. The panoramics with a wonderful feel.

Cross#12TNThe Cross Portfolio is a series of fine art photographs of old fences, windows and even a trash dumpster. The goal was to find images of the cross in everday life symbolizing that Jesus is with us were ever we are. 

E03TNThe Utah Portfolio represents nature and landscape photographs images from the the Moab area. Primarily from Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

PF92TNThe Wyoming Portfolio is from a trip back in 1992. Although I photographer the Wyoming landscape from the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone National Park. This is the only image that I was pleased with. My vision has changed since then and I believe if I were to go back again, I would come back with a lot more photographs that would be usable.

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